1. Supporting Local Industry. By buying from resident artists, you are stimulating the local economy, and doing your part towards developing a thriving local ‘creative market’, which in turn supports more local businesses. It has the added benefit of enhancing the value of your art purchases, the local artists, and the area in general.

2. Pleasure. It is true that the first rule of investing in art is to buy what you love. Art can be one of the most enjoyable ways to invest, as offers day-to-day visual and intellectual pleasure, in addition to being a sound long-term investment. Who doesn’t enjoy being surrounded by beautiful and meaningful things that bring them pleasure?

3. Value. Artworks are assets, unlike cars for example, in that quality, certified artworks increase in value over time. Unfortunately, in an environment saturated with decorative options, finding the right artwork can be a daunting endeavour. This is where buying art from a reputable local gallery helps. Whether by emerging or established artists, a gallery will help you make the right purchase for you.

4. Stimulation. Art is a possession that is more than the sum of its parts – artworks are known to trigger creativity and innovation. The overwhelming majority of cutting edge businesses have offices replete with artworks, influencing mood, focusing thoughts, and fostering new modes of problem-solving. Does your environment foster creativity and innovation?

5. Gift. Very few things make better gifts than artworks, especially for weddings, and housewarmings. Unlike almost all other gifts, artworks will remain unique and carry an emotional impact that you simply cannot match with a toaster or even a book. The history and context of the gift only grows with age and contemplation.

6. Setting. Nothing will create a space quite like an original local artwork. Finding the right piece for your space will help you transform any room, from boardroom to bedroom, in a way that mirrors, televisions, and mass-produced decorative objects simply cannot. The right original artwork will enhance any space, and create a unique atmosphere.

7. Exceptionality. An artist will invest days, months, and even years to create a single artwork. The time, technique and the consideration that is involved results in exceptional, unique objects that have a value that transcend their price tags. What does your home or business surrounding say?

8. Multiculturalism. Artworks have long been used for cultural, educational, and psychological communication. Contemporary Artists pride themselves on expressing specific cultural voices. Exposure to quality local art opens you up to multiple cultural viewpoints, and increases your awareness of your local environment.

9. Supporting the Artist. Artists work hard to create each of their works, and your support goes a long way towards motivating them to develop and grow. When you buy a local artwork, you’re not just buying an object: you’re buying into an artist, a vision, and a passion.

10. Communication. An artwork is more than simply a decorative object. Finding the right artwork, one that ‘speaks’ to you, creates a synergy and often enables you to communicate or express yourself in new ways. This is true of art in a home or in a corporate environment.

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