Exhibid was designed to answer a specific African problem: in a wide and disparate geographic area, and having neither the opportunity nor the means to easily exhibit their work, how do Artists connect with Art Lovers?

And while this problem is more obvious in impoverished areas, it is by no means an exclusively African problem.

Exhibid seeks to easily, simply, and with minimum fuss, broker relationships between Artists and Art Lovers. It is based on simple core beliefs:

  • Artists often have a lot more work than they are able to exhibit
  • There are a lot more artists than they are artistic outlets
  • The Art Lovers has a much wider range of tastes than those presented by established outlets
  • Artists and Art Lovers can always find a reasonable price for artworks given the opportunity
  • Artists need a better barometer of what Art Lovers are willing to pay for Artworks

Launched in 2016, Exhibid is the brainchild of Cedric Vanderlinden of Underculture and came to life with the assistance and hard work of RRZ Innovations and Michael Warren.

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Exhibid uses a trusted payment gateway to ensure that your details are always safe.
Furthermore payments are location based so you can rest assured that you are with the Artist / Art Lover before completing the transaction.

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