Wayne Matthews

Wayne Matthews was born in 1982 in a grey coal mining town called Vereeniging situated on the Vaal River in the nether regions of the Gauteng Province. There, faced with grey winters coloured primarily by soot from veld-fires, he sought a richly tinted interior life.

He started his artistic edification, informally and unceremoniously in 1998 at a then Johannesburg based artist, Spies Venter, in exchange for removing his clothes as an artist’s model. After cunningly vanishing from the inept socialisation of a plethora of model C schools Wayne completed several short courses at UNISA including certificate courses in Visual Literacy and Painting. In 2003 Mr. Matthews enrolled at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, then Port Elizabeth Technikon, and concluded his B. Tech (Cum Laude) in 2006. Despite majoring in Painting, however, he ironically produced mainly sculptural works that fall within the assemblage and installation idioms.

 From 2002 Wayne has participated in numerous group exhibitions both locally and internationally and has sold work to several anonymous benefactors. During 2007 and the second successful year of entering work for the ABSA l’Atelier he received a Merit award for his labours and the labours of his work titled Europa’s Libation. Since then he has found employment at the NMMU as both Third year Art Theory lecturer and as “Painting” lecturer for second-and third year students and has also had the authorization of formally fostering several B. Tech fine art students of his own. More recently he has found temporary lodgings in Pretoria where, as a lecturer, he has distributed information regarding art historical theories and practises while also transferring drawing and creative writing skills under the employ of a Private tertiary institution of education. Mr. Matthews is currently working as Gallery Manager and Curator at the ArtEC gallery in Port Elizabeth. He has shrewdly and consistently used his time to disseminate dangerous ideas regarding the arts and has acted as promulgator of mixed media and cross disciplinary artistic practices.