Ilené Bothma

In attempting to define my artistic practice, my linguistic ability often seems to falter.

My ‘weird marriage’ questions the ambivalence that I experience towards the domestic. It is in this state of questioning, of feeling vulnerable and exposed, that I explore the comfortable and the awkward; the controlled and uncontrolled; the familiar and the strange; exteriority and interiority. It is at the meeting-point of these dualities where these pairings slip and merge that I situate my art practice. It is in this space that ambiguity opens up, where hesitation, confusion, misunderstandings and mistakes materialises. It is a faltering point which is sometimes unknowable and unspeakable. This enquiry takes form through the pairing and transforming of found objects, household furniture and domestic materials which are sometimes combined with more visceral materials associated with the body in order to explore the inexpressible poetics of the visual. Repetitive, laborious acts which mimic the tedium of domestic chores, placement, interference, accidents, destruction and re-assembling all play an important role in the material exploration of my ‘weird marriage’. Through the process of making ‘my ‘weird marriage’ I try to lead myself and the viewer towards this space.

I do not attempt to imply that I will succeed; all I can do is start pulling at the thread.