Jennifer Ord

• “Nature’s Echo” – a collective exhibition involving 30 artists from the Eastern Cape in association with the Addo Honorary Rangers at GFI, P.E.
• “Fetish: traversing the occupied body” – Artec, P.E. and N.A.F., Grahamstown.
• “Artefacts are Fictions” – a solo show at the N.A.F., Grahamstown.

• “Food for Thought”- Art, P.E.
• ‘Expressions 2014” – National Arts Festival.
• “Wish You Were Here” – Athenaeum, P.E. and travelling
• “Divine Virgule” – Artec, P.E.
• “Here be Dragons” – Underculture Contemporary. P. E.; Oude Libertas, Stellenbosch; and Gallery on Leviseur, Bloemfontein.
• “An Erotic Exhibition” – Artec, P.E. and Salon 91, Cape Town.
• Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum 2014 Biennale.

• “Collective 2013” – Art, P.E.
• “Modern Miniatures” – ART, P.E. and National Arts Festival, Grahamstown
• “For Play i” – Underculture Contemporary, P.E.
• “Before, After and In Between”; a solo show – GFI Gallery, P.E.

• “Large Works” – Athenaeum, P.E.
• “Treasures” – NMMAM, P.E.
• “Expressions 2012” – Art, 51b Cuyler Street, P.E.

• “Skin” – NMMAM, P.E.
• “Small Works” – Montage Gallery, P.E.
• 200 Eastern Cape Artists – Athenaeum, P.E.

• Design Indaba, Cape Town – exhibitor.
• “Re.sponse”, NMMAM, P.E.
• “NMMU Contemporary” – Ron Belling Gallery, P.E.
• “Expressions” – Ron Belling Gallery, P.E.
• “Seven Eastern Cape Artists – WHAG, Kimberley.

• “Obelisks and Epitaphs” – solo show at the National Arts Festival, Grahamstown.

• NMMAM Biennuak – Finalist
• “Small and Square” – Montage Gallery, P.E.

• “Celebration of Life’ – Montage Gallery, P.E.
• Group show – Textures on Park Lane, P.E.
• BKAA, 2005/6 – finalist

• Group Show – Montage Gallery, P.E.
• Artefacts – a group show at Textures on Park Lane, P.E.
• Summer Show – Strijdom Gallery, George.

• Eastern Cape Artists – Cuyler Street Gallery, P.E. and WHAG, Kimberley
• Afrika Heritage 2002 – the fourth biennale of the Pan African Circle of Artists, Didi Museum, Lagos, Nigeria.
• “The Four Fields of X” – solo show, N.M.M.U.
• “Changes” – NMMAM, Port Elizabeth.
• “What is Life?” – HSRC and the South African Human Genome Initiative, South African Museum, Cape Town.
• NMMAM Iniative: a selected exhibition of art from the Eastern Cape, National Arts Festival, Grahamstown.
• Sasol Wax in Art – Merit Award winner.

• ‘Landscape” – Arts Association of Belville
• Save the Ruth Prowse Fundraising Exhibition – National Library of South Africa, Cape Town.
• Eastern Cape Ad Hoc Exhibition – Cuyler Street Gallery and travelling.

• “Thoughts Around Easter” – Gencor Gallery, RAU and the Pretoria Association of the Arts
• Eastern Cape Ad Hoc Exhibition – Cuyler Street Gallery
• “Postcards from South Africa” – Axis Gallery, New York City.
• “Crossroads: Africa in the Twilight” – Third Biennial exhibition of the Pan African Circle of Artists, Lagos, Nigerial.
• “Art of Drawing” – Dorp Street Gallery, Stellenbosch
• “Ha-di-da: the art of 6 Eastern Cape artists” – Ibis Gallery, Nieu Bethesda
• “Forgotten Spaces: art from the Eastern Cape” – Arts Association of Pretoria.
• “City to City, Face to Face; arts and crafts from a selected group of artists and crafters from P.E. – Goteberg, Sweden.
• “Margins in the Mainstream”, a SADC initiative – Windhoek, Namibia and travelling.
• “People I have Known: a portrait exhibition” – King George VI Gallery, P.E.
• Afrika Heritage 2000 – Ddid Museum, Lagos, Nigeria

• Craftart in Wood – National Arts Festival, Grahamstown
• “The Spirit and Images of Africa” – Pretoria Association of the Arts
• “!Xoe Site-specific Project – Ibis Gallery, Nieu Bethesda. Submission funded by the NRF

• Art from the Eastern Cape: ABSA Bank Gallery, Pretoria.

• “Displacements: South African works on paper” – Northwestern University, Chicago: UCLA; Smithsonian Gallery, Washington and New York Unversity.
• “People, Places and Perspectives” – National Arts Festival, Grahamstown, and King George VI Gallery, P.E.
• Eastern Cape Ad Hoc exhibition – Cuyler Street Gallery, P.E.
• Eastern Cape Sculpture – Cuyler Street Gallery, P.E.
• Eastern Province Society of Art and Crafts Annual Exhibition: King George VI Gallery.

• Finalist, Cape Town Triennial.

1990 – 2002
• P.E. Technikon staff exhibitions at the National Arts Festival, Grahamstown.

• Solos Show at the Karen McKerron Gallery. Johannesburg.

1984 – 1996.
• Exhibited annually, both locally and nationally with the GAP group, an association of artists from P.E. Technikon, Rhodes University and the University of Fort Hare.

• “Modernism: an Ironic Farewell”, NMMAM, P.E.
• “Forgotten Spaces”, art from the Eastern Cape – Arts Association, Pretoria.
• “Ha-di-da”, the art of 6 Eastern Cape artists – Ibis Gallery, Nieu Bethesda
• “Petals of Blood and Theatres of Disaster”, co-curation with C. K. Ikwuemesi – Pendulum Art Gallery, Lagos, Nigeria.

• “After-image; Reflection on a Site-specific Artwork”. South African Journal of Art History, No. 14, 1999
• “Describing the Timaeus: A Transgression of the Phallocentric Convention that Discourse has only One Form, Language”. South African Journal of Art History, No. 17, 2002.
• “The Dot Between Re and Sponse: a Parting Shot”. Re.sponse exhibition catalogue, NMMU, 2010.

Catalogues and Books
• Standard Bank Drawing National Drawing Competition, 1990
• “Displacements: South African Works on Paper”, Northwestern University, Chicago.
• Olivier, B. And Theron, H. (1994) “A Selection of Eastern Cape Artists. Port Elizabeth: Bird Street Publications
• “Modernism an Ironic Farewell” – an accompanying booklet,NMMAM, P.E.
• !Xoe Site Specific Project, Nieu Bethesda,
• “Crossroads: Africa in the Twilight” Lagos, Nigeria
• “City to City; Face to Face” Gottenberg, Sweden.
• “Margins in the Mainstream”, Windhoek, Namibia.
• 2003 Sasol Wax Art Finalist Exhibition
• “Parergons of Disclosure” in Farber, L. “Dis-location/Re-location: exploring alienation and identity in South Africa”. 2008. New York: David Krut.