Jennifer Ord

Jennifer Mary Ord was born in Gauteng but has lived most of her life in the Eastern Cape. Her formal art education commenced with a B.F.A. and ended with a M. Tech. F.A. (cum laude). From the mid-nineteen eighties, she has used visual art as a means of metaphorically and sometimes symbolically expressing ideas regarding what appears to constitute our uni- or perhaps, more correctly, multi-verse. These ideas have been derived from both formal and informal studies of Western European and Buddhist philosophy and science. To this end, the imagery, media and techniques used have varied: from figurative/semi-figurative to abstract subject matter; from painting and drawing with a mixture of traditional materials; to the assembling of found and type of imagery (or subject matter) and the choice of medium and technique have always depended on which aspect of humanity and its inner and outer world has been targeted for scrutiny, and which philosophy or ‘ism’ has served as a viewpoint or filter.