Lillian van Aarde

“My creations are the output of a complex subconscious filter. External influences are poured in, and the residue is transformed into pictures. This process helps me to understand a changing world, and to explore how objects, no matter how insignificant, find a place therein. The journey of such an object and its relationship with a fluctuating environment is of great interest to me. I make use of traditional and digital mixed media, with varying combinations of drawing, painting, photography, collage, sewing, photo-manipulation and printmaking, in order to translate this intellectual compost into a visual composite. My subject matter often consists of the human form or portrait as well as elements of the natural environment, blended with synthetic or mechanical characteristics. These are combined in order to express a feeling of dissonance or equilibrium, depending on the angle. Otherwise spontaneous abstract expressions help to clear my head.  The work and philosophies of many creative minds, established or emerging, has influence over my thinking and creative process, but I would have to say that my greatest influences are contradiction, anxiety, biology, irony, digital and physical domination, and the quest to understand spirit and conscience in the midst of it all.”