Art Consultancy

Underculture Contemporary represents a powerhouse of art experts, both in-house and within its vast network. This expertise is available to you, to advise and inform you – whether you are a potential buyer, collector, interior decorator, architect or other professional – or even to evaluate purchases and finds. Underculture Contemporary will put you in touch with the right person.

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Sponsored Events

Underculture Contemporary is enthusiastic about making its space and artists available for tailored and synergistic events, such as product launches, non-profit benefits, or even the presentation of a new architectural project.

Utmost care is taken to ensure maximum value for artist and corporate client alike. Underculture Contemporary is committed to finding the optimal ‘fit’ between sponsor and artist, to promote and protect both brands.

Underculture Contemporary also welcomes those interested in sponsoring a specific exhibition or artist, in return for co-branding on exhibition material and a presence in the exhibition space.

For enquiries, please contact us.