Underculture Contemporary offers so much more than simply a space to exhibit – it acts as an agent, promoter and marketer for the visual arts.

The gallery is committed to developing its exhibiting artists and their presence in the art world. To this end, it focuses on building mutually beneficially long-term relationships rather than once-off showings.

Working with the artists, it aims to further their position in the market and undertakes much of the sales and marketing efforts on their behalf. Underculture Contemporary actively seeks out partnerships with the business world for commissions, events and symbiotic brand-building activities.

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Art Agency

Underculture Contemporary does not limit its expertise and influence to exhibiting artists only. It also extends its art agency service to all serious career artists.

The gallery’s ever-expanding network of partners and contacts means that it is ideally placed to assist professional artists of all genres in finding buyers, exhibitors and opportunities.

Furthermore, an uncompromising emphasis on quality not only entrenches the credibility of the brand but also the artists associated with it.

Innovative thinking is what ultimately sets Underculture Contemporary apart in promoting the arts. A willingness to move beyond the gallery walls and take art into the public space makes this a truly exciting contemporary platform.

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