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Artist Profile


Artist Profile


Lisa Nightshade is a South African fine artist, graphic designer and photographer whose art represents the macabre splendour of decay. She works predominantly in graphite pencil and draws inspiration from fauna and flora. Her subject matter tends to be on the darker side which sets her apart from her South African contemporaries. Her creatures balance on an absurd daydream somewhere between Dark Art and Photorealism.

In school, Lisa learnt the fundamentals of art and an appreciation for all mediums. In her matric year she received the coveted Walter Battis floating trophy. Thereafter she honed her skills in a graphic design college with a whole year dedicated to advanced illustration. After graduation, Lisa suppressed her creativity and ventured out into the rat-race. Following a tumultuous couple of years, she enrolled in drama class and found her strength in the wings of a theatre. In order to free up more time for acting, Lisa made the choice of taking on short-term employment only, but in 2015 she gave up her admin job and bowed out from the acting world after one last stage production. It was time to reconnect with her true calling: making art. Lisa dedicated herself fulltime to the art she has always yearned to create. In 2019 she exhibited at the Africa Art Collective hosted by Julie Miller Art Institute.  She still does graphic design and photography, but has dedicated most of her time to her whimsical dark creations.

“The pencil is my magic wand that solidifies my daydreams” – Lisa Nightshade

Awards & Honours


EADS One Act Play Festival

Nomination for Actress in a Supporting Role


EADS One Act Play Festival

Award for Best Actress in a Lead Role


AMC Classic

Recruitment and Sales Awards


5D Wannabe Show Layout & Art Display Award


Walter Battis Floating Trophy
Hugenote High Art Trophy
Academic Merit


Spring Musical Festival Diploma for Painting
Masazane Art Competition Prestige Award
Carpe Diem Arts Festival Star Award for Painting
Academic Performance

1994 – 1995

Afrikaanse Kunsvereniging Kunswedstryd: Poetry and Verse Awards



Julie Miller Art Institute & the Mall of Africa

Africa Art Collective Autumn Group Exhibition


5D College of Visual Arts

Wannabe Show, Mixed Media Art


Springs Music and Arts Festival: Art Exhibition
Carpe Diem Arts Festival: Art Exhibition
Springs Library & Cultural Services: Masazane Art Competition